Tentative Date Sheet for Matric(9th and 10th class) 2023

Past Summary:

As a matter of fact, the board exams for class 9th and 10th are carried out in the months of March and April. Results were announced in May, and the new sessions began in the same month. Due to the pandemic, last year’s board exams were delayed and performed in May, followed by the late commencement of the new session in August of 2022.

Getting a consensus on a date for the commencement of 2023 Matric Board Exams:

There has been a heated discussion amongst the authorities regarding the tentative date sheet schedule for the coming 2023 batch. Some were of the opinion that the tradition should be followed and the papers should be carried out the way it always has been. Disturbing the schedule will drastically affect all the other schedules connected to the SSC examination or the result.

On the contrary, some were of the notion, since the session started two months later, i.e. in August, if exams are to be conducted as per the traditional schedule, that is to say, in March 2023. That leaves students with a minimal amount of time for study. As we all have already witnessed the devastating result of 2022, it is of utmost importance that students are given ample time to prepare well before the commencement of final papers. 

In this regard, no official statement has been presented yet. However, a Tweet from the Ministry of Education suggests that a conclusive date sheet of the 9th standard for the examination session of 2023, from all the education boards will soon be put forward. 

Tentative Date Sheet for the board exams of classes 9th and 10th batch 2022-2023

Due to the late start of the 2022 session in August, exams are planned to be commenced in April instead of March. This is a major advancement as this would allow the students at least one more month to prepare. The new tentative date for the occurrence of 10th grade is said to be the 8th day of April 2023. It is estimated that there are fat chances for the first paper to be commenced on the 8th day of April and the paper most likely of the subject; English. 

According to what is said till now, planning is done in a way keeping in mind that the prominent marks gaining subjects will be given one day gap. For example, for science faculty, the optional subjects like biology, computer, chemistry, and physics will probably be given a day’s gap for preparation. As for the faculty of Arts, like History and Pakistan Studies, the comparatively difficult subjects also have higher chances of having a vote for a gap respectively. A careful estimation suggests that 10th grade board exams will duly come to an end in the span of 12-15 days. As far as speculations are concerned, the result of class 10th is expected to come out at the end or in the 1st week of September 2023.

After the SSC part II examinations, class 9th board exams will duly take place. 9th class board finals are also planned just after the 10th grade exams in April and will most like extend to May 2023. Later, HSC part II and HSC part I final board examinations will occur.

To summarize this tentative date sheet information for matric batch 2023:

(Matric) / SSC part 1 and 2 are said to fall between 8th April 2023 – 20 May 2023

9th class 2nd May 2023

10th class 8th April 2023

Date Sheet for Class 10th Practical has been announced:

Regarding the science department, practicals are a must and have a marking weightage of 15%. The theory is for 70 marks, and the practicals hold a good 15 marks.

The Karachi board announces that practicals will be conducted from 15th June to 30th June 2023. These dates for practicals are applicable to all subjects pertaining to the practical, namely; biology, physics, chemistry, and computer, whichever is applicable. Since the practicals are carried out in the schools, all the relevant materials concerning the exam will be provided to the respective schools in a timely manner. News is circulated that all necessities will be provided to the concerned authorities as per the following schedule:

  1. 6th June: New Karachi, North Nazimabad, Gulberg and Liaqatabad
  2. 8th June: Jamshed town, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Shah Faisal
  3. 10th June: Malir, Bin-qasim, Landhi, Korangi
  4. 12th June: Saddar, Liyari, Kemari
  5. 14th June: Baldiya, SITE, Orangi, Gadap

Practical will be conducted according to the new practical book and model. It would be best if you got in touch with your respective schools latest by the 12th of June. Your schools will guide you according to the schedule they have prepared according to your roll number.

Advancements in the new syllabus and paper pattern:

All educational boards have unanimously agreed that the education standard of Pakistan should be satisfied, which is possible if reform can be formulated to revive a culture of conceptualization. Hence, this session’s exams will play a vital role in scrutinizing the eligibility criteria of students on the grounds of the grasp of their particular subjects.

  • To accentuate the willingness of authorities to introduce this advancement in a methodical yet gradual process, the overall paper format is a slight change in its substance adhering to three main fractions: knowledge, understanding, and application. Previously, this weightage was 70%, 20%, and 10%, respectively. There is no massive change; the pattern is still quite the same as the previous one. However, conceptual questions are expected to be added in qualitative and quantitative form with added questions relative to analyzing and analytical understandings.

Following is the new percentage distribution:

Knowledge-based QuestionsUnderstanding-based QuestionsApplication-based Questions
50% 35% 15%

This is a very encouraging improvement. It translates that there is no more room for cramming in the future. More focus will be held on MCQs, short question answers, and reasoning questions that measure intelligence rather than memory.

After previous setbacks, the Government has decided to discourage the ratifying culture in which pupils just memorize without understanding the conceptual importance and application of the theory in real life. This pairing scheme matrix is said to be on not only for the matric students but also for the Intermediate students, where:

Knowledge-based questions: All the text containing facts, figures, definitions, lessons, ideas, concepts, and trends found in the prescribed textbook are required to be memorized. Mostly the vocabulary used in the exam questions is the same as in the book.

Understanding-based questions:  requires you to translate a fact, a listing of ingredients, comparisons, groupings, finding links, reasons, estimations, summaries, solutions, and pointing out a motive or a gist in your own words as per your understanding. The density of such questions will be around 3-4 out of 10, almost 35%.

Application-based questions: refers to applying the laws or concepts you have learned and how they relate to our daily lives, and how the information/ concepts/ ideas could be utilized creatively to attain new parameters.

  • The passing marks have been increased from 33% to 40%.
  • Another advancement has been made by adding the glorious Quran as a subject, for which 50 marks will be reserved in both SSC part 1 and part II, respectively.

Important Notification:

All students from the batch 2019 and onwards can now take the improvement exams of the subjects they want to improve without wasting an entire year and retaking the whole class. This good news applies to the Matric (9h and 10th) and Intermediate (11th and 12th).

Concluding Advice:

Regarding the 10th, the class date sheet for 2023 will be available on this page when the boards declare it. Matriculating students from Karachi are recommended to closely monitor the BIEK website and other official channels for updates and information on the exam schedule. Students should be prepared for the tests by familiarizing themselves with the exam formats and new updates.

Students in the Karachi division, which comprises the districts of Karachi, Korangi, Malir, and Hyderabad, take their matric exams through the BIEK board. The board is in charge of determining the exam schedule, distributing admit cards, and publicizing results. Our humble advice is that students take off their exam preparation well in advance and use any available resources, such as study materials and mock exams, to ensure they are entirely prepared. Students of 10th classes should start preparing themselves for the annual exams in 2023.

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