Pakistan Scores 40 Distinctions Worldwide In Cambridge Exams

Students of Pakistan surprise everyone by scoring 40 distinctions worldwide

In Pakistan, the Cambridge mode of education is trending and every year a good number of students enter the Cambridge examinations and display their best efforts. This year, however, as per the official statement released on Friday, Pakistani Students have astonished the world by securing at least 40 distinctions across the world in various subjects in the CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) exams of the term, June 2022. A press office has announced the names of the Pakistani candidates who achieved the “Outstanding Cambridge learner awards” recognizing the outstanding performance of Pakistani students.

According to the press release, many schools wish to celebrate this moment of pride and hold ceremonies in order to acknowledge and appreciate the incumbents’ efforts being paid off.

The exceptional performance of Pakistani Students turns the tables:

The epic achievement is that Pakistan was able to secure 304 awards from a total of 277 students for exceptional performances, inclusive of the 40 awards rewarded to the highest scorers of Cambridge exams throughout the world. Not to forget 43 scholars who were able to attain the highest ranks in a single subject. Isn’t that remarkable?

World recognition for Pakistan’s Outstanding Cambridge learners award achievers:

Cambridge Exams have been conducted in 40 countries throughout the world. Today, they all are celebrating the success of Cambridge students earning the “Outstanding Cambridge learners awards” in all 40 countries at the designated centers.

Since CAIE is an education set-up inspired by an individual appreciation of the best education practices, therefore the authorities also make it a ritual to promote such events in which the disciples are encouraged. Country Director, Uzma Yousuf, also commented on this year’s spectacular result of June 2022 which has taken everybody by surprise. She stated, “We are delighted to congratulate the Pakistani learners for their academic performance in the June 2022 Cambridge exam series,” and further elaborated on the motivation aspect of not only the students but their teachers and parents as well. She further mentioned the importance of this award and said, “This award is a symbol of recognition for all those high achievers who have been consistent throughout their endeavors on the grounds of their excellent grasp of the subjects that have not yet been studied as extensively in Pakistan as well as to those who have executed the highest overall cumulative grades in multiple subjects as well.”

In addition, the press release also enlists the winners who have surpassed an array of bright students that took part in the latest term of the June 2022 series of Cambridge O levels, Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A Levels examinations around the world. Such records are not made every day. Ben Schmidt; The Director of International Education, at Cambridge University Press also commented, “We all know that quality education is the greatest force for transforming communities, societies and lives. I would like to congratulate them on their strength and simply on their outstanding achievements,”

Bright hopes for the future of Pakistan:

In the hope for the continuation of a marvellous journey that has paced in, we wish all the future learners of Pakistan to study well and work to make Pakistan stand out in every possible aspect. These awards are only meant to recognize excellence in the field of studies in a particular subject in CAIE. Our aim should be higher than that and each and every citizen of Pakistan should strive to achieve excellence in their respective fields and strive to make a difference.

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