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We are always pleased to spread information about Education, Different types of Boards, Schools, Colleges and Universities, etc. Whether you are a teacher or a student of a School or a University, we value your words and ideas as equal.

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts, ideas, or words with us about Education, your School or University, or anything regarding good or bad, advantage or disadvantage, admirable or need of improvement. We are more than happy to listen to you and spread your word as well.

Why we will Publish your Thoughts or Information?

Being a Teacher or a student and even a normal person, it is a fact that multiple minds are better than others. We or you never know what type of knowledge or information shared by anyone to anyone will benefit.

How to Write to Us?

We would like you to consider the following things while writing to us so that your words don’t go in vain.

The length of your content should be a minimum of between 450 to 1000 words.
Must be an idea, review, information about the Education, or anything relevant/relating to Education.
Include an image for reference.

Proofread your content before delivering us for it to be free of any informational or grammatical errors.

Will your post be Rejected?

Any of the posts which are not relevant to Education or the above-mentioned points will be rejected.
We strictly prohibit relating any type of adult, gambling, or corruption topics to your writing.

Plagiarised content is not allowed. If you try to copy any post or article, rewrite it, and try to submit it as your own thoughts then it will be instantly rejected. Taking ideas from different sources and providing its link as a reference is the way to write.

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