About Us

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Who We Are And What We Offer

Classroom PK aims to be a virtual guide to every classroom in Pakistan. With an increase in the advancement of technology especially post-covid, the old-school scenario is already losing its touch. We sensed a need to put all necessary notifications from every walk of discipline and pin it to this virtual classroom created especially for students of Pakistan. Whether it’s about your career consultation or choice of an institution; Classroom PK is here to guide the student body of our nation so that they may not go astray and get authentic answers to whatever questions they are looking for. We are a flexible educational platform burning our midnight lamps to tackle the challenges of today’s students like; lack of focus learning due to distractions, study engagements, and overall maximizing student efficiency. We will look into it so that your concerns are well addressed. So that you can stay informed and make better decisions in your life.

Our Mission

Our ulterior motive throughout the process of the delivery of this virtual platform is to make sure that every individual; irrelevant of any discretion on the basis of their socio-economic status should be able to pursue their dreams in a guided manner. There is something for every level. From pre-schoolers to post-graduates. We endeavor to provide each and every Pakistani student, parent, teacher, and administrator to get access to the required yet free education information that would be beneficial for all. These perks are sprinkled in the form of timely information, and a huge database for all the education-related personals who can make great use of it without any liability. With the help of this platform, learners can get timely informated regarding the examination dates, and any updates regarding the curriculum. The platform also aims to provide insightful data that will help monitor your progress if you have a target destination in your mind. Why run here and there when you can get it all at one stop? That too from the comfort of your study table! Let us assist you to land on your dream destinations.

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