First Year Result 2023 Sindh Board: 14k Students Fail in Pre-Engineering

Engineering and STEM education could play a significant role in the betterment of the dollar-deficit country, which is on the brink of default. Still, our government and educations representative are very unserious about this sector. Not too long ago, in 2022, students from all 38 colleges failed inter exams, a recent announcement in Karachi Board pre-engineering 1st year result 2023 in which out of 24000 students, 14000 failed.

As per the result announcement, it isn’t very pleasant to hear that 14000 students have failed their first-year exams of Sindh Board in 2023. This is a wake-up call for students, parents, government, and teachers, plus Bps 17 to 20-grade scales professors, to take action to improve their student’s academic results.

The Drawbacks and The Required Improvements:

To improve performance, the student should focus on improving study habits that deteriorated by the post covid SOP implementation in the education sector in which governments. Especially the Sindh Board was passing and granting extra marks to students without taking proper exams and providing extra relief to students.

Today our country and community are facing devastating aftermaths in terms of lazy and unknowledgeable students failing in engineering and medical science. Both sectors play a key role in developing the country’s economy through innovation, especially engineering. However, parents and teacher should support their children by creating a proper study environment at home and institutes.

Secondly, schools and colleges also encourage them to prioritize their education. Education officials and ministries should evaluate the curriculum and teaching methods to identify areas that need improvement and upgradation. Let’s collaborate via public and private partnerships to ensure our future engineer is well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

Ending Note:

In conclusion, the Key to the betterment of power outrage and the poor economy of Pakistan is going through Innovation and STEM. Currently, our manufacturing industry is trying hard to survive even though the country’s infrastructure needs large-scale development, which will burden our indebted economy.

Still, as our forefathers said, there is light in our dark tunnel. Hence, our light is innovation in the sector of engineering and manufacturing. Some countries changed their fate by focusing on these two sector number one is Isreal, the second is South Korea, and the third is Singapore. Due to this, we need to focus on improving the engineering and science education sector.

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