Your Guide To The Boarding Schools In Karachi

A boarding school, as the name suggests, is precisely a school that provides boarding and lodging. The concept of such a place is considered western patronage, possibly because it takes its roots in Britain during medieval times when lads were given in and educated by the house of nobles. According to search engines, The King’s School, Canterbury, is the world’s oldest boarding school recorded, dating back to the monastery school’s development in 597 AD.

Introduction To The Advent Of Boarding Schools

People often find the concept quite barbaric to send young children away from home at a prime age and label it as a “western trend.” However, if we date back to Islamic history, it was a tradition in old times that if a mother wanted her son to become a learned person, soon after the baby was old enough to walk and talk, they would be sent to “ustaad” where they would be trained to be civilized so that the kid may then be accepted by the “wise” or the “literary person” parents intend their child to take after.

Understanding The Difference: Reason vs Aim Of Boarding Schools

There can be multiple reasons parents opt for a boarding school for their children rather than other best schools in Karachi. For instance, the busy schedule of both working parents may have to travel a lot or lack a joint family system. Due to this, parents don’t have a choice whether to hire help that might end up as an added headache or get admission in a secure and facilitating boarding school!

Reasons do not define a boarding school; its aim does. And a boarding school is meant to provide a young one with all the relevant training to help the kids find enough courage to cope with life gracefully and be self-sufficient.

Although it is tough for both parents and the child to be away from home, this early note in life makes them fervent with accepting terms of life and staying calm; it teaches them to have faith and confidence in themselves that they will manage it.

It is true that a discipline-administered institute will not be nurturing them as a mother does. They will be provided with food on time and asked to go to bed each day at the same time. They will be organized to study, play, and socialize. They will be taught to prioritize, a trait that will never make them fall for anxiety in life.

No tantrums will be entertained, as the main core of this education system is to teach the child discipline in every aspect of life. It implies social norms, life ethics, to improve the world and society for families, to coach him to face difficulties bravely and resolve conflicts with grace, to behave with parents, friends, and fellows and to solve problems, and to stand on the right path and decide which direction to take and which battles to fight.

Boarding schools play an important role if you want to be independent in this world because it drills you enough to prepare a nice lemonade from the lemons life throws. Check out this detailed article for a complete guide to boarding schools in Pakistan.

Looking for Boarding Schools in Karachi:

Karachi, a cosmopolitan city, already accommodates people from all over Pakistan, so there is not enough need to have boarding schools because most people relocate to the hub for an economic share. Therefore there are few hostels in the vicinity compared to the number of traditional day schools.

As precautionary advice to all parents, please check thoroughly before admitting your child to any boarding school. Experts consider the ages between 9-13 years to be a far better embarking point than others. By this age, a kid can commute his/her thoughts and feelings adequately, lived long enough with the family to have strong bonds with their relations and also, as they are in their early teens, happen to be a very rebellious age and a good time to show kids how to keep their individuality within disciplinary limits.

Eligibility Criteria To Consider:

Boarding schools that are popular for any of the below-mentioned are worth your consideration. One should always consider these research factors for considering a boarding school or any other institute as matter of fact:

  1. Security
  2. Reputation.
  3. Academic programs.
  4. Class size.
  5. Cost.
  6. Extracurricular programs.
  7. Rankings/reviews.
  8. Quality, educated faculty.
  9. Specialty programs.

List Of Boarding Schools In Karachi:

The Hub Cadet College

The Hub Cadet CollegeBoarding school
Established 1907
Official Website
Postal Address 113-A, Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi
Contact Number (021) 3644 0300; Ext. 106,109
E-mail [email protected]

Tameer-e-Millat School

Tameer-e-Millat School of ExcellenceBoarding school
Established 1987
Official Website
Postal Address 6th Floor, Tibet Center, M.A Jinnah Road, Karachi
Contact Number +92-21-32761143, 32761144
E-mail [email protected]

KN Academy

KN AcademyBoarding School
Established 2000
Official Website
Postal Address Near Malir Cantt Check Post 3, Opp. Captain Farm, Damloti Road, Malir-Cantt, Karachi.
Contact Number +92 300 0773409, +92 300 0773426
E-mail [email protected]
Facilities Medical Room, TV block, laundry, barber, boarding & lodging

Civilizations Public School

Civilizations Public SchoolBoarding School
Established New Addition
Official Website
Postal Address Street 2, Block J, North Nazimabad, Block J North Nazimabad Town, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
Contact Number 0317 111 2442, 0317 111 2484
E-mail [email protected]
Facilities A variety of co-curricular activities ranging from intellectual to physical including competitions of painting, singing, games, IT-related, cooking & even theatre

The above-mentioned is a small list of the best boarding schools in Karachi, along with their respective contact details for your reference. In hopes of helping your search for the most feasible option for you and your loved one. As a disclaimer, one must choose a school near your home that also fulfills your requirements following the environment and security you want to provide to your child.

Ending Note:

Boarding schools offer several advantages to students. Attending preparatory school is the first step in what many people consider a choice that changes their lives: boarding school entails a series of benefits that bear their long-term fruits. Students learn not only to manage their affairs but also to live and communicate with others. They need to improve their communication skills because, after that, there is no way in the boarding house.

The typical residential school student wants to take advantage of this unique opportunity in life to live in a community that prioritizes learning, personal growth, and discovery.


Q. At what age can I send my son to boarding school?

Ans. Experts of early learning have concluded that 9-13 years is a good age to set your child abroad. The kid is old enough to communicate and physically and mentally strong enough to understand, comprehend and resolve any individual or mutual conflicts if arise.

Q. How do I prepare my child for boarding school?

Ans. It is lucrative that you talk to your child before taking this big step because how your child responds to your notion defines how he is likely to take that experience. 

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