Dr. AQ Khan Scholarship Program: All The Information For 2022-23

Who has not heard the name Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the pride of Pakistan? Honored with a Nobel prize as a recognition of his works. Dr. A.Q. Khan has the vision to provide equal opportunities to all who seek knowledge. Therefore he, accompanied by a team of educationists founded the A.Q. Khan schooling system and college, which grants scholarships. This is a place where they have established a network of educational institutions with a maintained standard of education throughout Pakistan and the Middle East. This is a system that has been established keeping in mind the dynamics of the ever-changing landscape of today’s world to keep up with challenges thrown our way. The system is built on values highly consistent not only in the quality of education but also in every minute detail you can think of. 

Therefore, Dr. A. Q. Khan’s Islamabad campus (located at Safari View Plaza Korang Town Extension، Korang Town (Extension), Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Punjab 630). has taken a leap forward and introduced scholarships for the students of Sindh,  Balochistan, and Gilgit-Baltistan. These scholarships are offered to the secondary classes of 7, 8 & 9 for admission in the AQ Khan education system, and all the way up to undergraduate and graduate programs like FA, FSc, BA, BSc, MA, MSc, B.Com, and M.Com. These scholarships cover the complete cost of Admission fees, monthly fees, annual fees, and books. The hostel fee is not included in the scholarship. Dr. AQ Khan’s schooling system is a purpose-built campus in Islamabad with four huge blocks; Mess hall, Jinnah House, Iqbal House, and AQ Khan House where they also provide boarding facilities for students who are from far-off areas; to get adequate facilities during their stay.

The above-said scholarship is currently available in three regions; Sindh, Balochistan, and Gilgit -Baltistan. Any student residing in any of the above-said regions can apply for this opportunity. Applying for Dr. AQ Khan Scholarship is a simple three-step process. 

  • Forms for the scholarship with bank details are mentioned at http://www.aqkicampus.com, Simply download your respective form for Sindh OR Balochistan, OR Gilgit-Baltistan from the given link.
  • Deposit PKR 750/- in NBP, HBL, UBL, or Alfalah Bank
  • Submit the challan with the admission form before the due date; which is mostly the end of March.

Having a state of the art in campus facilities like fully functional A.V. multimedia classrooms with highly qualified and able faculty. Playground and fitness center, science lab, digital library, and audio-video multipurpose hall.

Dr. A.Q. Khan School System: A Project of Dr. A.Q. Khan Education System

Parents of all provinces and regions can keep Dr Abdul Qadeer School and College System a solid and popular choice as they intend to deliver in their message clearly that their Project of Dr Abdul Qadeer Educational System has a strong emphasis on Islamic Principles and the way Shariat instructs to teach students, and the relationship between learners and teachers in the light of Sunnah as well as all the modern student-centred approach methodologies that are required for student’s intellectual growth, as well as to use a variety of teaching techniques that makes a student think and learn logically so they can become proactive with their cognitive abilities and sharp mindfulness to find a way out of the problem and apply their skills to a relevant situation.

Student Personality Development With Quality Teaching Methods

Their one of the very focused with providing scholarships to student is their objective to enable students in environment where they develop themselves into socially desirable children, and to interact with each other in such productive manner which makes them valuable and helpful for each other, as they must provide ample opportunities for students to interact socially, they find answer to questions by themselves, and become well-researched students as Dr Abdul Qadeer Educational System wants to ensure that students of their system develop researching abilities so their curiosity to remain intact and they remain to be active partners in the learning process and they are for sure going to be facilitated by the respective teachers, so they learn facts with perspective, and become product of quality education without being burdened by high tuition fees and remain stress free from such institutions that charge highly and wants to rank higher solely to make a name for themselves by promoting rote learning amongst students which is strictly negated at “Dr. A.Q. Khan School System” because that negates the concept of making students able to absorb the concepts provided to them with original content of their respective courses which are taught to students by the subject experts so they don’t struggle with burden and instead be able to conceptualize subject topics independently, that’s the teaching method they operate on, and work holistically on.

They are creating well-rounded personality students who are not only producing excellence in the academic area but also developing responsible attributes that need to be found in the spiritual and religious children according to Islamic foundations, which is Islamiyat is part of their curriculum so all the students active learning in their scholarship story are told by Islamic events and stories that how important is education to them, for their growth as emphatic humans, so they can give back to society and to people they belong from, so the culture of giving remains intact in their minds, they learn to be educated and to educate so that every member of their society can learn that how education can change life of a student, they can learn the importance of education from success stories and encourage the generation to come towards education of world, skills and Islam.

Faith, Cause and Responsibility of Education

The ecosystem of this Project is built on the “profound giving nature” of human beings, the teachers who want to give their best efforts to students with their knowledge, skills, exposure to industry and life in a wisdom religious manner, and the institutions that give away scholarships to students who need quality education for their stable life and career, financially aiding the students from areas where education facilities aren’t living up to standard or are unavailable and neglected, to reach masses of uneducated citizens and be a source of profound help to them, and to become a school that fills an essential supportive role of becoming the primary providers of character and citizenship education helping help students to develop civic responsibility and healthy attitudes.

Where Are The Test Centers Located?

For each region, its respective test centers are mentioned as follows:  

For the Sindh region designated test centers are: Sukkur, Shikarpur, Ghotki, Khairpur, Larkana, Shadadkot, Shaheed Benazirabad, Noshero Feroz, Mirpur Khas, Umarkot, Matti, and Hyderabad for Sindh region.

For the Balochistan region designated test centers are: Quetta, Qila Saifullah, Zhob, Khuzdar, Nasirabad, and Barkhan.

As per the procedure, there is an entrance test,  followed by a merit list that is issued shortly afterward. You can utilize past papers and current online model papers that are easily available online. We have tried to sum up all the relevant information for your ready reference. If you have any questions regarding the school or its system or the scholarship, please feel free to contact the school itself in Islamabad at Dr. A Q Khan School System And College Islamabad contact details, address, map location, latest admissions 2022, merit list 2022, result 2022, entry test, ranking, jobs, fee structure and courses, and programs offered.

Dr. AQ Khan School System & College Ibraheem Campus Islamabad Achievers in 2022

Dr. AQ Khan School and College System HSSC and SSC federal board results 2022
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